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Images for print

Some images are made with mixed techniques such as drawings, 3D and Photomontages. But what ever the technique, only the result matters. The one we choose wether it is hand made or 3D generated depends on the subject and is always previously  discussed to achieve the best result.

The process is a work in progress so each project includes several reviews, adjustments and modifications if needed.

Work in progress images are sent in JPeg format.

The final images are 300 dpi wide  and can be sent in various formats such as PSD or TIFF.


Animations can be drawing based or full 3D.

For animatics, I use drawings for the characters. It brings more life to them and their expressions are more delicate.

For events, annimation is a great tool to show what the set will look like on various angles.

The animation final file is in Quicktime format, Mpeg2 or Mpeg4.

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