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Experience and background

The work presented here is the result of numerous years of experience as a freelance artist in the advertising industry during which I have been working for the major advertising agencies drawing sketches, Layouts design, illustrations and animations for various topics and clients. As an artist, I have always wanted to use my skills to serve the purpose of a story and there are many ereas which allow me to do that. The means I use to complete an image are varied and even when mixed, I always choose the one I consider to be the best to bring an idea to life. Even though the tools I use produce different looking image, each of them always starts with a pencil and a sheet of paper. Drawing skill is always involved in the making of an image even though it is rendered by a computer. It’s making involves the same rules in composition, lighting and colour interactions. I love drawing characters for which I always have the deepest respect. Whatever their personality traits, they fully serve to tell a story. For that reason, the masters which had the biggest influence on me are perfect exemples like Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, Norman Rockwell, Burne Hoggarth, Jack Kirby, John Buscema and there could be many others on that list…as well as those wonderful artists who contribute with so much talent to the artwork of Disney. Thank you all for all the beauty you gave us.

Work in progress…

This is really how it works : Work in progress is a keyword. From script to the final image, the whole process of the making of an image or animation involves several validation steps and exchanges between us including modifications and adjustments if needed.

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