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Experiences and background

Trained at the School of Graphic Arts and art direction of Paris (E.S.A.G), I have many years of professional experience as an illustrator, roughman and animator for advertising agencies in Paris and London. My passion for images encourages me to continuously train myself in new technologies.

Thus, the emergence of 3D was an extraordinary opportunity to push the limits of creation ever further. A new world unfolded in front of my eyes and I seized the opportunity by training myself on image creation software such as Photoshop, Maya, Lightwave 3D, Zbrush, After-effects, premiere, Clip Studio Paint, e-on Vue.

Today, digital technology with virtual and augmented reality allows the designer, whose role is to translate the emotion of a creative intention, to enter this most fascinating new era. This potential for immersive experiences will make the images even more alive.

The desire to constantly seek to reflect beauty, elegance and excellence naturally lead me to work since my beginnings in the Luxury sector for brands such as Paco Rabanne – Jean-Paul Gaultier – Hermès – Prada – Givenchy – Louis Vuitton – Cartier – Nina Ricci – Lacoste – Van Cleef – Oméga – Tag Heuer – Azzaro – Issey Miyake – Fendi…
The world of Fashion and Luxury draws its inspiration both from the different cultures of the world and from the latest technologies, the means of which it explores. I find myself in this combination of traditional and contemporary influences. Traveling for several years over long periods especially in North America and Europe, I have developed an open mind and my creativity is even more abundant and rich.


Main advertising agencies I work for:

Mazarine – PUIG – B.E.T.C – Saatchi & Saatchi – Young & Rubicam – Publicis – FCB – Mc Cann – Havas – Ogilvy – BDDP & Fils – CLM/BBDO – Grey –J Walter Thomson – DDB – Leo Burnett – TBWA – Lowe …


Mastered sofwares

Photoshop – Maya – Lightwave 3D – After effects – ZBrush – Premiere – Clip Studio Paint

– E-on Vue – And soon… Blender


How we work together…

Dynamic and interactive, I share with you the different stages of image design so that we are a creative team, even from a distance.

Printed images

Some images are made with mixed techniques such as drawings, 3D and Photomontages. But what ever the technique, only the result matters. The one we choose wether it is hand made or 3D generated depends on the subject and is always previously  discussed to achieve the best result.

The process is a work in progress so each project includes several reviews, adjustments and modifications if needed.

Work in progress images are sent in JPeg format.


Animations can be drawing based or full 3D.

For animatics, I use drawings for the characters. It brings more life to them and their expressions are more delicate.

For events, annimation is a great tool to show what the set will look like on various angles.

The animation final file is in Quicktime format, Mpeg2 or Mpeg4.

About me…

Magic, dreams, fantasy, special effects … you can say, like a well-known comic book character, that I fell into it when I was little. So I have always drawn, driven by a passion for the characters and the stories they tell. Movies and then comics have fueled this thirst for the marvelous from a young age, and it was initially through drawing that this passion was expressed.

I love drawing characters for which I always have the deepest respect. Whatever their personality traits, they fully serve to tell a story. For that reason, the masters which had the biggest influence on me are perfect exemples like Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, Norman Rockwell, Burne Hoggarth, Jack Kirby, John Buscema and there could be many others on that list…as well as those wonderful artists who contribute with so much talent to the artwork of Disney.

Thank you all for all the beauty you gave us.

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